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Reunioning is a verb.

So much fun in Claremont this weekend with the alumnae of Scripps College.  The campus and its generations of amazing women are such a touchstone for me.  They are a constant reminder of what's important and how much those gorgeous courtyards, columns, fountains, and generally serene, harmonious landscape shape the young women who pass through the gates year after year.  The five ladies pictured below were incredibly fun roommates and our conversations about life, childbirth, priorities, and the hijinx of our younger days were rewarding and will be cherished.  We had the pleasure of meeting alums who were back for their 70th (!!!) reunion, hearing from ladies who raised $3,000,000 (!!!!) for the college for in honor of their reunion, and listening to Amy Drayer '99 give remarks that made us leap from our seats with applause.  (to say nothing of the countless glasses of champagne that magically appeared throughout the weekend).  To make a perfect weekend even better, Matt and Maddie joined us for brunch on Sunday, and getting to walk through the campus with little Miss M. was so MUCH fun.  An incredible weekend and a renewed desire to reconnect with some wonderful women.

 {with Matt and Maddie at graffiti wall}

{class of 2000 in the Margaret Fowler Garden}

{Maddie with her favorite person of the day, such a flirt; but what great taste!}

{exploring seal court fountain}